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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 23, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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any more on the way? yes. we are still going to have rain in the forecast but it will be off and on. and yesterday not all of the bay area saw some showers but where we did see the rain, it came down pretty hard and we are going to have a cold front moving through today. as we get a look at walnut creek and our temperature trend low 50s to start up to about 60 degrees today. it will be a cooler day. notice the line of clouds we're seeing to the north of us coming through as a cold front sweeps through. mike is getting you ready for work. the good news out here the bay bridge is normally the center of the backup is the center of the screen as you look at the wider shot. present wood, discovery bay, antioch, a smooth flow of traffic. all at speed. no closures for cal trans work
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but there are a lot of crews out there. we'll check back with you later. from washington to the bay area, "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with more on the action lawmakers are taking. tracie? >> reporter: and what the president is doing as well. trying to get money into the hands of workers who are not working right now. president trump sending navy hospital ships to california and new york to try to relieve hospitals that are overburdened right now dealing with the virus and sending supplies. he says to all three hardest hit states, california, washington state, and new york. working with private companies to try to get more and the president says that he will have
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more on the way. here on capitol hill lawmakers trying to figure out how they get this money into the hands of workers. small business loans, direct payment, they're at a log job here and a vote failed over the weekend. they're going to try again later today. >> large corporate bailout with no protections for workers and virdly no oversight. >> this is a national emergency. >> reporter: the aid package is more than a trillion dollars. it would include tchecks sent directly to americans. some won't filter down to the employees of those businesses. they don't think there are enough protections.
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negotiations going on literally all night. we got word this morning that chuck schumer, the treasury secretary, were on the phone a couple times around midnight. that vote set for noon and if it doesn't pass house speaker nancy pelosi says she has her own bill she thinks may pass. >> it might be back to the drawing board. 5:03 right now. the national guard is saying even though troops will be paid by the federal government that does not mean they are under federal order. they'll remain under state control. some guard soldiers as you see here are helping to distribute food. a navy ship ordered to los angeles by president trump will depart today. it is called "the uss mercy."
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it will be for patients not suffering from the virus. a second ship is being sent to new york city. just a few hours from now the first testing center will open in the east bay. bob redell joins us live in hayward this morning. this is interesting. can anyone show up? >> reporter: yes, if you're showing symptoms like a fever, cough, shortness of breath. they have set up these tents. it's in a park across the street from the fire department station number 7 here in hayward. free to the public regardless of where you live. you don't need a doctor's referral. you'll show up, you will be screened if you are showing symptoms. a paramedic or ambulance company, emt, will swab your naval cavity and throat and partnering with the city on this
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they will test. the city of hayward is trying to be proactive to take pressure off the local hospitals and get people who test positive into isolation quick ly to flatten te curve. 5:05 right now. as the number of people dying from the coronavirus continues to grow, the stories are starting to hit closer to home. for one father it meant not having his family by his side infected with covid-19. new this morning kris sanchez has a look at the heartbreaking story they hope to tell this morning. they hope people will adhere and listen to the cries of people stay home.
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>> reporter: i saw a number of posts from people saying innocently does anybody really know anybody who has had coronavirus or tested positive for covid-19. they want to make sure this drives home the point of the importance of social distancing and making sure we don't overcome our health care system. this is gary young. he is from gilroy and died after he was diagnosed with covid-19. he was just 66 years old. he was sent to the e.r. where he was sent home. later he was admitted to the hospital. his last days were spent in isolation. his family's last words as they looked at each other through the glass doors at the hospital.
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>> nurses worked hard to allow me to talk to my dad. the nurses put the phone up to his ear and we were able to talk to him. >> reporter: she says her dad hadn't traveled recently so the family believes that he contracted the coronavirus while he was just out in the community. the family had to self-isolate because of their contact with their father and now are making funeral arrangements. even that will be different. the cdc asked funeral homes to limit the number of mourners to ten and to live stream the funerals so people can watch from homes this is changing every aspect of life and ags you know, we saw a lot of folks out and about over the weekend trying to get fresh air but pushing the envelope.
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>> that's heartbreaking dying alone. very gracious of them to share their story. >> they were thankful to the doctors and nurse who is tried to make them as connected as possible. at the end of the day you want to hold your parent's hand. >> exactly. stay in as you are doing right now. good to see. thank you very much, kris. we'll check back with you later. 5:08. a major east bay health provider is asking for help. they are asking for donations for equipment to help health care providers and first responders. they're in need of new n95 masks, hospital gowns, hand sanitizer and gloves. no homemade supplies for food. the items must be in the original packaging. eitems can be dropped off at th hospital. the turmoil is having an
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impact on the largest pension fun. calpers has lost $69 billion since hitting its high about a month ago. if the losses stay where they are cities, counties and schools will have to make up the deficit translating into higher taxes. "the chronicle" reports some dock workers are threatening to stay away from work over concerns about their safety demanding more extensive cleaning efforts. it accounts for almost all container goods moving through northern california. if there is a work stoppage it likely would not be port wide but only in certain areas. stay up to date with our daily newsletter. you'll get the top headlines to your inbox. 5:09 right now.
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a check of the forecast with kari hall. and we don't have any problems getting out the door this morning. milder temperatures and we've seen the rain that we saw yesterday dissipating right now, taking a break. our temperatures today much cooler than yesterday. now that a cold front will be sweeping through. a highlight of the rain coming up and mike has a look at the commute. we're looking at a smooth flow as laura was talking about. there's not a lot of folks on the roadway. green sensors all around the bay
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as we would expect. a smooth flow of traffic approaching the bay bridge. we'll follow that. coming up the 2020 olympics might be delayed. the countries that just announced they will not send athletes to the games even if they're held in july. the senate's inaction has scared the stock market, but the fed may come to the rescue. and many people are showing up and helping out during this time of need. more than 1,000 people have signed up through the silicon valley strong initiative. the first wave of volunteers will start distributing food soon. 5:11 right now. tv just keeps getting better.
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right now at 5:14 as you head out the door have that umbrella. we will have a chance of pop-up showers today. a live look outside in san jose and our temperatures that will start out in the mid-50s and reach only the low 60s by this afternoon. we'll talk about the cooler weather and rain chances in the full micro climate forecast. and i am checking out that location for the car fire over in san leandro looking at a slow drive to 238 as well. we'll check out a couple other sources. we'll let you know what's going on.
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thank you, kari and mike. 5:14. we anticipated a tough day ahead on the markets after the u.s. senate failed to pass that coronavirus relief bill but the futures just moved to the positive. scott mcgrew has been monitoring the numbers as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm set up in my living room, extraordinary the turnaround. the dow jones futures now up 100 points after the fed announced during our commercial break essentially it would do unlimited buying of the government debt. and that's really turned the futures around. they were negative after democrats blocked the senate bill. if you compare this bill to the t.a.r.t., the corporate bailout during the housing crisis, this
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did have fewer rules than t.a.r.p. did. one thing you should know is how big it has grown. when i first reported they were working on a stimulus bill, we're now closer to $2 trillion with a half a trillion of that going to those corporations, just extraordinary. president trump was challenged at sunday's press conference, why he had not invoked the defense production act to require companies to change their production line over to things that would help. mr. trump has twice said he has invoked that act. he has not. the president on sunday said invoking the act would turn it into a socialist sort of situation, forcing companies like gm and ford to build things
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like ventilators. that would be a national takeover of the corporations. it really wouldn't. they would stay in private hands. they would just manufacture what america says they need like the plant up -- the old ford plant, laura, up in richmond, made jeeps and tanks during the second world war. >> i was just thinking it's like the days of the war. imagine the stories this generation will talk about. 5:17 right now. trending this morning instagram rolling out a new feature to encourage people to stay home. it's a little stay home sticker you can put on your instagram stories and it isn't just in english. it changes for different countries and it started popping up on stories over the week. some of our staffers used the sticker to show what it looks like when they're working from
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home. snapchat and facebook have it as well. tom hanks and rita wilson doing a lot better down under. hanks tweeting two weeks after our first symptoms we feel better, and they really do. ♪ trying to be handsome showing what you're thinking ♪ ♪ this is hip-hop up to date i give props to hip-hop ♪ hey, ho ♪ >> that's pretty impressive there. either that or her fever was back. that's really good to see and obviously having some fun with it as well. can you rap that fast? >> no. i wanted them to do the wilson scene from "the castaway." >> i think the first was blondie's rapture. kari has a look at the forecast. >> got you.
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i do remember the rain from over the weekend, some parts of the bay area had. nice to see more rain moving in as we go into the day. look at where we're starting with a live look outside in san francisco and the bay bridge. seeing clouds drifting by and some mixes with the sun coming out. our temperatures start out fairly mild. we are going to see already a wide range as we see highs in the upper 50s and low 60s but notice this will be much cooler than the weather we had from over the weekend, so we are going to start out with the school start but remaining a fairly cool day. as we go through the forecast we are going to keep the rain chances in there because we will still have some spotty showers passing by as the storm system that moved through over the weekend moves to the south.
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it's going to be off and on today and more widespread as we go into tomorrow. notice the rain at noon tomorrow looking at some pretty widespread light showers passing by. the storm system just to the north of us with some clouds that are moving closer and then our rain totals about a quarter to half an inch. we're looking at our inland forecast, up to 60 today. off and on showers staying unsettled going into the middle of the week. by the weekend we will see it remaining nice as we get more sunshine in the forecast. mike, anything happening out on the roads? there's stuff out there, plenty of folks, but no major problems. we'll show you what's going on on the surface streets. out to the maps and overall the green sensors around the bay
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zooming in just off 580. the report of a car fire, an rv that may be on fire there. no one injured and no structures involved. we'll follow that. the rest of the bay shows smooth traffic from the bay bridge. you are not paying cash for any of the bridges and you're not riding on b.a.r.t. after 9:00 p.m., laura. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:21. come up, a shelter at home order in effect for the entire state of new york. cases skyrocketing there. the extreme measure one hospital system is taking to stop the spread of coronavirus. and people are showing me what it's like to be home during this shelter in place order. a lot of people gardening, tackling home projects. send more of your photos of what you're doing to pass the time and make sure you're social distancing. follow me on facebook, twitter, instagram.
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you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:24 right now. a look at the newest coronavirus numbers from around the world, the world health organization is now saying more than 300,000 people tested positive for the
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virus. 14,000 people have died. death tolls keep rising in the hot spots of spain, iran and italy. in the meantime italy is enforcing new security measures to slow the spread of the virus, banning travel within the country except for urgent business for health reasons. all nonessential businesses will close starting on wednesday. italy is the new epicenter for the virus with more deaths than any other country in the world. there's new word the 2020 summer olympic games in tokyo may be postponed after all. as recently as last week leaders insisted the games would go on as planned but over the weekend australia and canada each indicated they would not speend their athletes. the ioc plans to monitor developments with japan over the next month before making a fining decision. president trump tweeted the u.s. will abide with whatever decision is made by japan. happening now new york city this morning boosting its
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coronavirus response amidst a new surge in the illness. as of last night a statewide stay at home order took effect. many businesses are now boarded up. the move has some people concerned about looting. >> there's not going to be anyone in the city allowed to work, so the city will be empty. people will take advantage breaking into the stores. >> the number of confirmed cases shot past 10,000 yesterday with deaths near 100. it's gotten so bad one health care system, new york presbyterian, is banning all visitors to its maternity wards including the partners of anyone giving birth. 5:26 right now. top stories we're following for you today including a gilroy woman telling us sadly what it's like to lose her father to the coronavirus. >> he was not a traveler and as much as it hurts that he's gone, i believe he's gone because he
5:27 am
was a nice, nice man and shook anybody and everybody's hands. he talked to everybody. >> this is a story everyone needs to hear. the warning she has for everyone not taking the pandemic seriously. but first -- >> this is devastating our business, our employees and our lives. we lost up to 90% of sales since the order in place was issued last monday. >> he is warning his business might not survive the pandemic like so many small businesses. how you can help others through something new called the berkeley relief fund.
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and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. 5:30 on your monday morning. i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. mike and kari are broadcasting from their homes this morning, still practicing that social distancing, and we will be for quite some time. this morning i'm in sutudio for you. all nine bay area counties have now confirmed cases of coronavirus including napa. there are more than 775 cases and at least 13 people tragically have died a. santa clara county employee is the latest to test positive. all of california is under a stay at home order. in the meantime many people are
5:31 am
still flocking to beaches and parks raising crowd concerns. a major impact on public transit and funding. there are over 34,000 cases and more than 440 deaths. kari hall with a look at our forecast. we had some rain in some parts. is it all cleared out? we will see the rain off and on. it made things very busy and added much needed rainfall. checking out concord and our temperature trend today will start out mild. a cold front will be coming through today and that will bring in our temperatures that will only reach into the low 60s and still scattered showers in the forecast today and especially tomorrow, more widespread rain. that may affect the drivers heading out tomorrow morning, mike. right now looks pretty clear.
5:32 am
folks are at speed all over the bay. right now we're tracking the opposite of rain. a couple car fires. one that just popped up over the niles area. highway 24 westbound at college avenue we just got word of a person repairing a flat tire, so be careful if that is your route. overall it's not impacting the speeds. be careful as you pass by the person repairing the flat. overall you see the green. ro it's 5:32. just moments we'll hear from the daughter of a south bay man who died from coronavirus. chris sanchez has a look at that powerful story. we begin with thom jensen. a lot of folks are just not following the social distancing order over the weekend. it's frustrating.
5:33 am
>> reporter: it is. people who want to help flatten the curve and get back to work. businesses in pleasant hill closed just like everywhere else. the sooner everyone gets onboard the sooner we can flatten the curve. people flocked to area parks and beaches over the sunny weekend and were clearly violating the orders and not respecting those social distancing guidelines. marin county is now closing all parks from the golden gate national recreation area down to small community parks. the closures take effect immediately and until further notice including all local and county parks and preserves, all state parks including mt. tamalpais, marin water district lands and federal attractions like point reyes, muir woods national monument closed as
5:34 am
well. public health officials hoping everyone will get onboard. public health experts across the world saying that's the way we're going to control this. you've got to isolate like in places like china and south korea. hoping people here get onboard. everyone needs to do it if we're going to flatten the curve. we're live in pleasant hill. thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you, thom. >> law enforcement is expected 30 start citing business owners who are supposed to be closing up shop. teams have been hitting the streets warning shops they need to close. so far more than 50 stores and businesses have received a warning. that includes a pool hall, 14 hair salons, a car wash, and three gyms. 5:34 right now. the coronavirus is forcing
5:35 am
families to interact in all new ways. covid-19 kept them from being by their father's bedside when he passed away. now they hope their story will help people see how serious this is. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live with this big warning. it's generous of them to share the story but it's a story everyone needs to hear, kris. >> reporter: yeah, i think we need to drive this point home. over the weekend we as a family celebrated my dad's 70th birthday via group face time and it was really rough. this family wasn't able to be at their dad's bedside because he was in an isolation ward at the hospital. i want to introduce to you gary young, his family generously sharing their story. he is from gilroy. he died last tuesday after he was diagnosed with covid-19. he had a cough and a headache bad enough to send him to the
5:36 am
e.r. he was sent home and days later was admitted to the hospital. his last days were spent in isolation. his family's final words to him via a cell phone as they looked at each other through glass doors. his daughter tells us that he was just 66 years old, pretty healthy, and happy to still be working, shaking everybody's hand who came through the lowe's store where he worked. >> please stay home. you staying home could save someone's life. you could have it and not know it. it's out there and it's huge. we don't know who has it. and if you stay home you could save a life. >> reporter: the family had to self-isolate because of contact with their dad and now are making funeral arrangements which will look different because the cdc last week asked funeral homes to limit the number of mourners and many are offering live stream so even that part of life is different.
5:37 am
i will say the family is sending that message of thanks to the doctors and nurses who took care of gary awniyoung as he was alo and in isolation. they're thankful to the health care community. they really want people to try to stay home because he was just out and about working. he had no travel history. he clearly picked it up in community as he was out and about. definitely a good message to stay home. we've seen a lot of pictures of families interacting outside trying to get some fresh air. getting a little fresh air looks pretty different from gathering in large groups like we've seen. >> he worked at lowe's, these hardware stores are open. >> reporter: they're still open, folks are trying to get supplies and what not. not everything is as essential as we think. we heard thom jensen talking about essential businesses and the police saying your hair
5:38 am
salon, maybe not. >> all of those and there's been a lot of businesses that have been trying to stay open but they really can't. thank you very much. it was hard to hair but nice to share the story. there are sem leyritz between the flu and the coronavirus, really big differences as well. on the screen now the symptoms for both. according to the cdc people with coronavirus experienced shortness of breath and then have difficulty breathing. that is not a symptom of the flu although it is a common symptom of pneumonia which can develop from the flu. it shows you the difference there. starting today a group of los gatos businesses taking social distancing to the next level. they're starting a no-touch drive-through market that will operate in the parking lot of flights restaurant. several restaurants and coffee shops will be offering food and goods. the owner says it came together really on the fly. >> i had 250 employees i had to
5:39 am
let go. the restaurant business is going to literally go under if we don't get this resolved and get some help. it's a dire situation we're in. >> goods will also be offered. what's received from restaurant suppliers but that includes toilet paper, essentials like produce and eggs. it's 5:39 right now. i want to check the morning commute and i was thinking this morning, mike, there shouldn't be one. only essential workers on the roadways. exactly, laura, but there are plenty of cars out there. not yuf to cause jams. if you are an essential worker mind the safety for all. be careful. as we look at your maps, the green sensors, a very smooth drive all around the bay. no major issues. we have a couple car fires. one in san leandro on surface streets. no one is injured but we're watching for any other further
5:40 am
reports about why that car was there in the first place. over to the bay bridge, the person still fixing their flat. just watch out if that's on your route. all right, mike. we haven't seen any rain this morning but we saw rain over the weekend very scattered and we'll be watching out for that chance as we go into the day. we'll be in the low 50s this morning as you head out for work and then a mostly sunny sky. those pop-up showers still a possibility and we will see that around the bay area. especially the south bay and east bay as the storm system remains near the region. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. laura? >> sounds good. thanks so much. looking more and more like school will not resume until next fall, teachers want to make sure students know they're not forgotten.
5:41 am
i love this. teachers did a drive-by for their students in the neighborhood on friday. they were honking their horns so the kids could wave at their teachers as they were driving by while still practicing social distancing. nice to see some happy, fun stories. that connection is so important. a lot of kids miss their friends, too. we know you have a lot of questions so we're taking them to a doctor. a stanford physician joins us. we'll get your most pressing questions answered. servers, bartenders, anyone who works at a restaurant or bar, they're struggling right now. we have a way that you can help out. >> reporter: the president reassuring america we can get through this. we'll have the very latest from washington when "today in the bay" continues. check out california live on
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right now at 5:43 let's head outside in dublin with mostly clear start. there will be a chance of rain today. we'll be tracking that as we still have some scattered showers in the forecast and temperatures cooler as the cold front moves through. i'll talk about that and what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. and as you'd expect an easy drive right around the bay looking at the altamont pass with no delays this morning. we are looking at one issue,
5:45 am
nothing stopping our emergency personnel from getting to a car fire right around palomar. through the curvy area what else is going on. >> reporter: president trump says he is not ready to order american companies to manufacture medical supplies under the defense production act. lots of powerful groups, governors, hospital groups, governors have asked to invoke the act. the president compared the idea to socialism and says he would not use the power. he did, however, reassure the american public. >> i know that this is a challenging time for all americans, we're enduring a great national trial and we will prove we can meet the moment. i want to assure the american people we are doing everything we can to confront and
5:46 am
ultimately defeat this horrible, invisible enemy. >> reporter: on capitol hill senate democrats unexpectedly blocked the progress on the now nearly $2 trillion stimulus bill, the biggest in history. democrats say it gives too much money and corporate america. that has the stock market unhappy early on. futures are calling for a higher opening due to action by the fed. the governor of illinois over the weekend criticized the president's response to coronavirus. the president fired back. governor pritzker then saying to the president, get off twitter and do your job. trump writing, governor of illinois and the small group of certain other governors together with fake news cnn and concast shouldn't be blaming the federal government for their own
5:47 am
shortcomings. we're there if you should fail and always will be. now comcast, the parent company of this tv station, he's used the term before last month when he says nbc's coverage of the coming coronavirus was scaring the stock markets. they're making coronavirus look bad as possible, he tweeted. the president was asked if he had consulted with past presidents for their advice. he said he had not. past presidents had failed their own crises. >> i have the best people in the world. i think we're doing an extraordinary job. if you look at the h1n1, you look at that whole disaster. that was a tough period of time for our country. you look at so many other things that weren't handled very well whether it's katrina or something else.
5:48 am
i feel i have an incredible team and we're doing an incredible job. >> reporter: the coronavirus task force will speak once again at 2:30 our fintime. the coronavirus ten times worse than last monday in terms of americans testing positive. we're covering everything on twitter. follow me @scottmcgrew. we're taking your questions to the outbreak. dr. wagner at stanford hospital, your time is so precious so thank you very much for joining us. tell us what it's like right now for the staff really on the front lines at the hospital. what are you seeing? >> everybody is preparing very hard. i want to thank everyone who is doing social distancing and staying home. it's giving us a lull in patient load so we can ramp up for a
5:49 am
significant volume of parents in the coming weeks. >> that's the thing, we'll see a lot more people affected by the virus. governor newsom talked about the shortage of supplies and how the state is working to get them in hands of employees. let's listen to what he had to say. >> we put out an additional million and a half of those masks in the last few days. we have millions more and we're trying to get them out into our system as quickly as possible. >> can you tell us what you need at your hospital right now? >> we're working diligently trying to figure out exactly the supply chains for the personal protective equipment we need. we're most in need of n95 respirator masks. we have some for the next week or two weeks but we don't know what's going to come. we're short on face shields to
5:50 am
protect our face from splatter, cap or hoods we're in need of. any protective equipment that would be available to protect us from this airborne virus. >> in regards to that you're an essential worker. what happens when you go home? do you distance yourself from your family? >> one more time? >> you're an essential worker, what happens when you, in fact, go home? do you distance yourself from your family? >> yes, it certainly creates a fair bit of uneasiness and anxiety for our team what to do when we get home. many of us take off our work clothes before we leave the hospital and if not right when we arrive at home, diligent about washing our hands, try to avoid touching our face. it's something we're very worried about especially as a father of three young kids. we don't want to bring this home. this is a very significant virus and not something we want to bring to our family. >> completely understandable,
5:51 am
and i'm trying to do the same as well. thank you for taking the time, dr. wagner, to join us this morning. for ways you can make a donation and a full list of supplies at stanford hospital needs head to we've posted a link with all that information there. with bars and restaurants regulated to delivery or takeout orders only, one website is helping san jose and san francisco workers rely on tips for their income. service industry helps you issue cash payments to servers using venmo or a cash app. the website is encouraging everyone to consider doing this when they have a cocktail at home during the pandemic. now this is funny. an important message from neil diamond. ♪ hands washing hands ♪ ♪ reaching out don't touch me ♪ ♪ i won't touch you
5:52 am
>> "sweet caroline." rewriting the lyrics there and everybody usually knows them, hands touching hands, et cetera. a funny little take on it but a good lesson as well. that was trending this weekend. okay, guys, hand touching hands, all at a distance here. we are going to have also more weather that makes it hard to stay inside but then rain chasing you back inside. we've seen that rain off and on around the bay area throughout the weekend. now today it's going to be much cooler than the weather we've had recently and our temperatures will reach the upper 50s and low 60s and we'll still have a chance of rain. let's talk about all that's going on out there. we do have scattered showers that have wound down the past few hours but we can still see some rain near the region and as that low spins across the bay
5:53 am
area and just to the south it will bring in some off and on showers into today. notice the line of clouds farther to the north, that's the cold front coming in as we go into the rest of today and that's going to bring in some more widespread rain especially tomorrow starting in the morning and then going into the afternoon. still more wet weather coming in. a lot of the models showing this won't be a heavy soaker for most of us we're looking at a quarter to half an inch of rain and will continue until the middle of the week before the storm system and the cold front moves on out and will dry out for the rest of the week. i'm looking at those rainfall totals once again staying fairly light. for the sierra a decent amount of snow here looking at a foot to a foot and a half of snow going to the end of the week and that seven day forecast will be mostly in the low 60s today for the inland areas, upper 50s. it's time to break those heavier jackets after a few warm days
5:54 am
and will stay fairly mild as we get more sunshine. mike is tracking the commute. you were talking about a couple car fires earlier. has that since cleared? one of them did, kari, and no injuries. we will focus on where it's going on, the roadways, very clear, smooth flowing. a good amount of people doing their essential jobs and we thank them as we zoom in to the niles area where 84 around pal march as you see slowing there, there is a car fire. they're in good hands. no problems there as far as instances of injury or complications. another issue there, this person has all state so they're in good hands as well. there are no delays for b.a.r.t. but down 88% since we sheltered at home. back to you. >> a big percentage there, thanks, mike. 5:54. happening now amid the
5:55 am
coronavirus pandemic a catholic priest in utah offering drive-up confessions. people can walk up to the window of his jeep. it is normally held in a private area of the church's chapel. much more ahead including the massive amounts of money california teachers are losing with the meltdown on wall street. plus, nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: they prepaid for a program. because of the virus are unable to use it. so what about a refund? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. ♪
5:56 am
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plus, it's safe for puppies. there's a lot of power in this one little nexgard chew. nexgard. what one little chew can do. welcome back, everyone. it's 5:58. nbc bay area responds to a fremont family who says their daughter was expelled from an after school program because of virus fears. the family couldn't get their money back, so they asked consumer investigator chris chmura and his team for help. >> reporter: good morning. the kuo family self-quarantined after place kuo returned from a trip to china. two weeks later everyone was still healthy but they say their daughter was no longer welcome at her after school program, leader board. why? concerns she could carry the virus. >> we got a call, which said, oh, yeah, i don't think it's -- she will be able to come back because of the security concern of spreading things.
5:59 am
>> reporter: the kuos asked for a refund for the prepaid tuition, about $700. leaderboard offered $94. in an email it told the kuos per the terms registration and annual material fees are nonrefundable fees. that's when the family turned to us. leader board declined to talk with us but the owners did give a refund for the full semester, $1,005. from daycares to gyms to special events you could find yourself unable to use something you paid for in advance now. whether you get a refund might hinge on the contract you signed. so read it. look for exclusions and the word pandemic. even if you find an exclusion consider starting a conversation with the company. they might be willing to bend and give you a refund or a credit. share your consumer complaints at just tap responds in the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. a very good morning to you.
6:00 am
thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. here's the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic. the massive stimulus bill stuck in the senate as republicans and democrats clash but there is a vote scheduled for today. in the meantime ohio and louisiana join california and eight other states ordering people to stay home. back home a san francisco sheriff's deputy working for the county jail tested positive, and two more deaths are reported in santa clara county bringing the total to ten. the total number of cases in the bay area of the coronavirus, covid-19, is now more than 775. live team coverage on that coming up in just moments. but first let's get a check of your monday morning forecast with meteorologist kari hall. good morning. good morning, laura. we are going to see still some rain chances in the forecast for today, and as we gont


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